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The Colonel - DCSki Supporter 
October 15, 2004
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Incredible weather site, especially for we skiers and riders. Found this on thed Loveland site. The first site below gets you to a national map tha you can click on an area and get all kinds of neat data. Second site is the result of a click on the mid-Atlantic area. Note that you can move your cursor over to the temperature shown and get the weather for that place...the 34degree reading is at Snowshoe.
Hope all enjoy.
The Colonel
Roger Z
October 15, 2004
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Wow... that is a cool site. Good catch!
October 17, 2004
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You can narrow those sites down.I have been using these graphical sites for a while now to figure out if i do indeed live in a micro climate down here in se NC.Palm trees & alligaters to frazier firs & 6000'+ mtn's in a little over 5 hours
October 17, 2004
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36*F in wardensville at 11:00pm and falling.

Do I hear whipping out the homemadesnowguns?

Ski and Tell

Snowcat got your tongue?

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