New Years Day
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October 10, 2004
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I'm thinking about going skiing new years day and i'm thinking about going to timberline or wintergreen. So i was wondering which one well have better snow and which one has the most challenging terrain??
October 11, 2004
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I've been at Timberline during the christmas-new years weekends for the two past years and Timberline will have the better terrian and hopefully if it stays cold enough without a warm spell... more and better snow quality. Although.. be prepared for crowds and watch out for the jerks who speed down the bunny slopes running kids and adults alike off the trail.

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October 11, 2004
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The trick to skiing anywhere in the Mid-Atlantic on New Years Day is to get on the slopes when they drop the ropes, get off at 11, and go home. We've done this for the last few years and have virtually empty slopes to ourselves. My fist experience was at Blue Knob 4 years ago; the place was a ghost town until around noon. Ditto for Liberty and Wisp in subsequent years.

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