Glitch in Three Things I Hate About Skiing Thread?
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The Colonel - DCSki Supporter 
October 7, 2004
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A glitch?? The parent DCSKI discussion site shows that a Murphy made a post on subject thread at 0800 on 7 October, but the last viewable thread is on October 6th, until mine, same subject, about 10 minutes ago . What gives?
Thanks, The Colonel
October 8, 2004
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And it appears the Colonel's post ended up in another thread ("New to DCSki" posted by Freeskier).
October 8, 2004
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I also see Crush's response to JaneJ on the home page but not JaneJ's original message. When I go to the forum index, I see neither. Maybe it's me but something seems fishy.

Edit: OK it partially was me. Jane's message was under the equipment forum, I never check there. But I still don't see it on the home page.

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