Best type of ski/board wax?
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October 5, 2004
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A friend of mine was looking to buy some wax for his board and went surfing on eBay. He found the following auction and wondered at the quality of it. To be honest I'm unsure of it as well.
October 5, 2004
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No experience with the Vancouver stuff. From the title of your thread, I assume you'd also welcome suggestions of other products.

At that same price point is the Nobi product at and I can attest that it is a good value and pretty fast too. All of their waxes smell of coconut oil/suntan lotion when melted, no Hertel FC739 fumes or Toko stench. (Goes well with ski-tuning beers, see).

I am a little bit biased as they sent us a bunch for Nastar use last year. My favorite is the graphite formulation.

Another reasonable value, even if it doesn't really do well in super-cold Blue Knob snow, is Hertel's White Hot Sauce. I ordered one of the 13lb packages, and it has mostly replaced Swix yellow or red. Sometimes you'll run into folks parting out 13lb boxes on Ebay, but ordering direct from Hertel also gets you the after-skiing rustbloc edge wipes.

If you are looking for a cult snowboard wax at possibly a slightly higher price, Purl was really impressive in Keystone and at Vail, especially when everyone else was reduced to poling along the cat-tracks.

Swix and Toko on Ebay tend to be more than when they are ordered from a supply shop like Reliable or Artech or Tognar. You've probably also noticed that.

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