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February 20, 2002
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Hi everyone! I'm getting a break from 7 springs and wintergreen and am taking 5 days at Mt. Snow with 1 travel day to Killington. Never skiied upper NE before and would welcome opionions, tips, etc. I am a strong intermediate but too old for high speed mogul runs. Anyway welcome any comments. Thanks
JimK - DCSki Columnist
February 20, 2002
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You should enjoy Mt. Snow, esp if going midweek when crowds are smaller. It has a lot of good intermediate terrain, all off one peak. North face has some stuff that is tougher than anything at Wintergreen or 7 Springs, but not too outrageous. I like Killington a lot, be sure to try Great Eastern from the peak for one of the longest intermediate runs in US. Both those areas usually very good in snowmaking dept. In case you get a chance to go to Stratton, near Mt. Snow, it's a cruisers delight too, they offer $15 Thursday lift tickets this season, check their website.
johnfmh - DCSki Columnist
February 21, 2002
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Snow is one of the easiest mountains in VT, but I still have some very fond memories of the place. The stepped, groomers on the front face are a cruiser's paradise. Sometimes easy is GOOD!

The North Face, if I recall, has one fairly steep, narrow, bumpy ride called Jaws of Death. Hard but short.

John Sherwood

February 22, 2002
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Thanks for your input. Leaving this weekend and upon my return will post a quick ski report.
P.S. At present they are not showing a very deep base only 23" but maybe they are more honest and other areas. Anyway, some snow is better than none.
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