Bike Lane theft.
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September 28, 2004
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Cross post in a good cause.

Hey everyone,
The Bike Lane got nabbed on Friday night. Please keep a look out for these bikes. For those who shop places like Ebay you may come across some of these bikes please let us know. There will most likely be a $1000 reward from Crime Solvers and a reward from The Bike Lane if these bikes are recovered. (Of course, we are not holding our breath for that).

The Bike Lane
Burke, VA
Bikes that were stolen
Trek 8000 19" Blue ww2790457
Trek Fuel 98 19.5� Carbon color wl3146207
Trek Fuel 95 19.5 Black ww2808401
Trek 5200 Project One Tequila Sunrise (orangish yellow) 54cm saw384190
Trek 1500 T Blue/white 56cm GT0002416
Trek 2100 T 54cm red/white wl3167331
Trek Fuel 90 17.5 silver/black wl1725796
Fisher Cake 3 GS 13" Light Blue WL3173513
Fuel 98 17.5 Carbon color Wl3085712
Fisher Sugar Race 16" Red/Yellow SWL3063980
Fisher Big Sur 15.5 GS Blue ww1786287
Fisher X Caliber 15.5 Blue ww2803192
Lemond Poprad 52cm Blue/White WL3163226
Lemond Reno 49cm Black WL3096301
Lemond Zurich 57cm Blue Carbon WL3140803
Trek 2200 58cm Blue WL3138221
Trek 2100 58 cm Red/white WL3172090
Trek 5000 56cm Back/Carbon WL3147753
Independent Fabrication Titanium Road Bike full 10 speed Dur Ace Decals are red/yellow/black 51cm
Independent Fab Single Speed Prismatic Blue 15" Fully decked out
Independent Fab Road Bike Full 105 Yellow with black decals 54cm
Independent Fab Road Bike Audi Blue full Ultergra 56cm

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