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Scott - DCSki Editor
September 26, 2004
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Hi folks!

Alert readers might have noticed that a new item has crawled into the main menu of DCSki: "Q & A". (You can also visit it by clicking here.)

This is a brand new feature of DCSki that provides a repository of "Frequently Asked Questions." And, since we're polite, we also try to provide answers to these questions.

Q & A is just now getting off the ground, and I'll be adding more questions in the coming days. Each question brings up an article containing an "official" answer and links to relevant resources, but all readers are also allowed (and encouraged) to provide their own tips and answers through comments. As with normal article pages, you can attach comments to the bottom of an FAQ entry.

Please feel free to do that with the existing questions if you have anything to add. Also, if you'd like to suggest additional questions to include, let me know. (I have the list that JohnL provided back in August; I'm still working on getting his suggestions added.)

I'd also like to welcome Timberline Resort Realty as a new Platinum Sponsor of DCSki. Timberline Resort Realty is the sponsor of the new Q & A section.


- Scott
September 26, 2004
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Scott - I like the layout. I think site visitors will be hard-pressed to find a better online resource for skiing in the mid-atlantic.
September 27, 2004
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Scott, I just gave the Q & A Section a quick once-over. It looks real good! It will be a great resource for everyone.

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