Scrooling issue with forum posts.
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September 24, 2004
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Hi Scott;

I know you are really busy getting the new site up and running .. and you have done a marvelous job so I really feel a bit guilty qvetching but ...

Several days ago, the page width on the posts starting going haywire; it has increased horizontally by double on several but not all of the forum threads. Example would be ... General Discussion >> DCSki Discussions >> Your favorite Xmas ski resort nearly ... In order to read a given post, I have to scroll to the right and then back to the left for each line of input. Looks like widths values are wonky ... but it seems to work fine in IE (go figure!). I use the Firefox browser as do all of my friends to reduce the possibility of getting one those MS-IE based Trojans, virii, worms or whatever other evil is lurking out there. I assume that since you are using Apache/php on a Mac that the usually scummy IIS server problems do not apply .. perhaps you made a change in the CSS that is causing this issue?

I would be glad to help out with debugging. if you need another pair of eyes.
Scott - DCSki Editor
September 24, 2004
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Hi snowcone,

Yes, I noticed that too on the Xmas post. I think the problem is that one of the messages has a really, really long hyperlink, uninterrupted by spaces. On different browsers a really long line in a table can cause that problem. I seem to recall encountering this problem with my own code several years ago and realizing there wasn't a generic solution. One way we might be able to avoid the problem is by just having a short word for a long link, instead of using the long link as the text of the link name. (That probably made no sense -- but I think when you insert a link in the forums, you can enter a name and the actual link independent of each other, and my guess is that it will only show the name, preventing long links from messing up the formatting.)

I'll keep an eye on this and maybe try a test to see if the long links are the root of the problem. It probably will take me a couple months to work out some of the kinks on the new site, and there's some additional major features I'll be rolling out soon.


- Scott
September 24, 2004
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September 24, 2004
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Just a thought but you could always create some code that would look for the hyperlinks and based on either the width of the users text box or a predefined number, you could have the URL abbreviated something like the below:

down to

So that the display of the URL is cut down. I had code for this one time for my own website but I'd have to dig for where I put it.

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