Catch of the Day - Ski Patrol Man
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JimK - DCSki Columnist
September 20, 2004
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This one's dedicated to all the volunteer (and paid) ski patrol personnel out there. They're the ones who do the dirty work of looking after all us recreational skiers - and not always under the glamorous circumstances of this fellow perched high above the terrain of Les Arcs ski area in the French Alps.
Here's the busy slope that he's watching over, the signature ski run of Les Arcs called Aiguille Rouge. From here you've got a skiable vertical of over 6,500 feet:
From the same album, a shot of the famous Les Arcs speed skiing course, scene of great exploits by the late Steve McKinney. Many world records have been set here, some exceeding 150 MPH (thank God for winched grooming machines):
September 21, 2004
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That 2nd picture has lots of people who look scared ****less.
JimK - DCSki Columnist
September 21, 2004
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LOL. That slope is quite renowned and I suspect that it's tougher than it looks in photo. Many French resorts have good reputations for serious black diamond terrain.
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