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September 7, 2004
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Nice shot of the slopes of The Yellowstone Club taken from the summit of Lone Peak at Big Sky Resort, MT. The Yellowstone Club is a private ski area that has raised some hackles for its extreme exclusivity (and more recently for environmental infractions). If this is the future of skiing, it may not be promising news for the middle class. It has been reported that prospective members need to prove a net worth of at least $3 million.
The following articles address some of the unique aspects of The Yellowstone Club: $250,000 to join, $16,000 a year in dues, lots priced at $650,000 to $2 million, 2,000 skiable acres serviced by five fast, wind-protected chairlifts, no more than a couple dozen other skiers on the busiest days. Membership has its privileges.,12795,326313,00.html

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