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September 6, 2004
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Can someone confirm or deny if there is a hidden ski trail or few in the Woodstock area that supposedly has rusty chairlift poles installed? I've heard local Wardensville rumors that there is supposed to be one in that area from the 40's or 50's. I am looking to gather info and do a hike/bike ride to find it.
September 7, 2004
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I am pasting a previous post of mine from last March about this ski resort. Hope this helps:

Re: "lost" ski resort - history
#5038 - 03/22/04 03:25 PM Quote

Reading your posts about defunct ski resorts caused me to remember driving by some rusty, ivy covered ski lifts about 15 yrs ago while enroute to a youth group camping trip outside of Mt. Jackson, VA. I did some searching & found the ski lifts noted on the topo map (which I've linked below). If my memory serves me correctly, the lifts are located east of Rt. 11 on Morgan Gap Rd. This may be the link to the previously mentioned resort in the Shenandoah Valley near some caverns (Shenandoah Caverns). 2
September 7, 2004
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That is actually a bit further southeast than what I was looking for. Although I have known about this one. The one I'm thinking off is closer to the Hardy Co/Shenandoah County lines and is rumored to be near woodstock, va. I'll do some checking and see what I can find to share.

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