PLanning Trip to Snowshoe Feb. 15-17
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February 9, 2002
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What do you guys think the conditions are going to be like? Are the crowds going to be insane?
February 12, 2002
Conditions should be good with all the new snow they just received. It will be way too crowded. There are no hotel rooms left (so I'm not going!!), so it should be packed.
February 13, 2002
I am going to Snowshoe in two weeks for a long weekend. I have been there twice before and skied the whole mountain, including the Western territory. The last time I was there it got way too crowded on the slopes and lifts. If this happens again, is it worth it to give Silver Creek a try?
February 13, 2002
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silver creek is really nice...go for it!
February 14, 2002
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Depends what you're going for. Silver Creek is a large beginners area and caters to small children and large families. If you're single or going with a girlfriend: it's the best form of birth control. All the screaming kids running around day & night will put the brakes on your plans !
lbotta - DCSki Supporter 
February 14, 2002
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C'mon... Silver Creek is not that bad... They even have what looks like a vintage Soviet apartment building moved from Moscow...

Actually, I've got mixed feelings about Silver Creek. A couple of times it has been the equivalent of a nursery on snow. But then there are times where I've been the only person on the trails there. Best bet is to give it a try...


February 15, 2002
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Silver Creek is most likely going to be less crowded than Snowshoe. If you do visit over there, stay out of the snowboard park unless you are an upper level rider or skier...
If you happen to try the park don't act like 90% of the idiots over there and jump off the sides of the jumps, or stop at the top of the jump to look around, or sit to rest on the backside of the jump... Alright
And if your'e not an expert skier, don't try the handrails in the park either

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