Southwind at Lake Tahoe
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September 2, 2004
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I don't know if any one else has noticed this new development at seven springs yet but there is now a home page set up on the web site for the Lake Tahoe Village. It can be found at

There isn't much detail on it yet but from what i can see it appears to stretch between The Front face side of Lake Tahoe down to about the Cortina Lift. The first phase will be by the cortina lift. The map of the development shows a lake there called chipmunk lake. I know there is a lake there but i do not remember it being that big I am wondering if the expanded that lake to make it bigger.

Now the rest of what i see is just me looking at the map and making educated guesses but it appears there may be a new lift being put in from about the top of the cortina lift through the center of the development there is also something in there called the lodge at southwind. I am guessing this might be the second hotel that was originally located in front of the current hotel

Is there anyone out there with more concrete information on the plans for the village or a timeline for this development to take place i would be very interested to learn more

Hopeful this will be lead to the new slopes and trails that have been in planning for so long

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