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The Colonel - DCSki Supporter 
August 23, 2004
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When I log onto the various message boards I have to visually determine which have recent inputs. Why not have the forums displayed by the ones with the most recent inputs?
The Colonel
August 27, 2004
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This is off topic .. kinda .. but Scott you might want to check your system clock. I'm showing an approximate 15 minute difference between your server and the rest of the world. Are you running your own hardware or going thru a hosting company?
Scott - DCSki Editor
August 27, 2004
Member since 10/10/1999 🔗
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Hi Snowcone,

Yup, it looked like the clock has drifted a bit. The current DCSki runs on a dedicated Sun server. I just logged in and updated the clock. (I thought I had time synchronization on, but that must not have been working.) Thanks for catching that.

Colonel: I haven't had a chance to experiment with the forums to see what options are available. To be honest, by now you all are probably much more familiar with the software than I am! Once I finish some other features and launch the new site, I'll take a look at the forum code and work on making some optimizations/enhancements.


- Scott
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