Tire Recommendations for Canaan Valley Trails
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August 23, 2004
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I'm looking to replace the stock tires on my MTB. They are Hutchison Python Air Lites - they just don't grab in the slop and loose stuff that predominates in CV. Any tire recommendations for the area? I ride XC. Thanks.
August 23, 2004
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You might want to try out the WTB VelociRaptor. Its a front/ back specific tire set. The rear tire tread resembles a paddle wheel and really digs into the slop.Not recommended for hardpack though. Here's some more information:


August 24, 2004
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Thanks for the recommendation. I checked out the link and the nubs on those babies look pretty substantial and should do the trick, and I was surprised that they are still pretty lightweight (630g). I had a little difficulty finding an online dealer that had both the front and back - but Performance (as much as I love to hate them) has both at $29 apiece - not too bad a price. Thanks again.
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