Ski Dome in New Jersey
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July 30, 2004
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According to Ski Press World, a huge sport complex is to be built in NJ and completed within the next 2 years. It will supposedly contain the nation's largest movie complex, indoor wave pool, extreme sports park and a three-story video wall. A minor-league baseball stadium, an aquarium, role-playing adventures, and other kiddy learning stuff.

AND .. .of most importance to DCSki fans .. a SNOW DOME. A link on the site directs to this Spanish site as to what/which/ dome they intend to build ...
Location looks to be near Lyndhurst, NW across the river from Secaucus, or approx 3.5 hrs from DC.

I could sure use a ski fix a couple of times during the summer to carry me over until the REAL skiing starts!
July 30, 2004
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I looked at the site. It looks pretty cool!! The slope is about 825 feet long and has a vert of 181 feet (If I understand the site correctly). With several lifts, and runs, it looks like a lot of fun! This would be great to make a trek to during the summer to get a fix in

July 30, 2004
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For those of us who ski Bryce Resort that is only a fraction smaller than Brynce whose vert is around 450-500' if I remember right. Bring on the summer snow!

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