Good name for a ski site?
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July 29, 2004
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I'm looking to start a ski-based website (Don't worry it's out not to compete in the slightest against that will mainly have photographs, commentary, and user written opinions/commentary on mid-atlantic ski websites. Plus I've even thought about including history of mid-atlantic ski resorts. Think of it as a compliment to with mostly photographs.

I've been looking for good website domain names for this but I can't come up with any that aren't already taken. I've thought of some of the following which are taken but give you an idea of what I'm after. The key is to keep it very short and sweet like for example. Three syllables, very exact in it's meaning, etc.

So what are your alls ideas? Post away!
July 29, 2004
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Uh, it sounds to me a site like that would be a competitor to DCSki. Unless you only hosted pictures.
July 29, 2004
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Mainly pictures of various resorts in the summer and winter where I can write my thoughts on those, experience riding the trails, and such. I have no desire to go in the direction Scott has with with forums and the items that are on here. Rather I would like to think it would be a personal site with photos, exploits on using hardware materials to make a snowgun, trips on driving through this area in the winter, etc. Mainly it's just a personal idea that I'd like to run with when the time becomes available.
July 29, 2004
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Sounds good to me.

Let me try brainstorm some here. (<-- just kidding) (<-- doesn't sound right, hmm)
something like "mid atlantic ski"
skiappalachian or for short <-- already taken

Here are some ideas what could be on the website:

1) How about live cams showing live pics from many ski resorts?
2) List of topo maps/aerial photos of many ski resorts. Not sure how much hassle this will be.
3) List of instructions w/ photos on how to ski powder (i.e. SKI)
4) Photos, Photos, Photos!
5) more photos! eheh
6) Photography tips (i.e. how to take great pics while skiing/snowboarding, which ISO, aperture, snow reflection, with or without date stamp, etc)

I'll think of some more.
Scott - DCSki Editor
July 29, 2004
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More Mid-Atlantic ski sites would be a plus, and I'm not concerned about competition. DCSki can't do everything, and the more resources and voices, the better!

But, keep in mind that DCSki is undergoing an overhaul right now and the new site will launch with some brand new features in the fall. One feature is a fairly extensive "Lost Ski Areas" section for the Mid-Atlantic region -- I've been hunting down some experts and former employees from some of these resorts. And I have heard the feedback about making it easier for users to contribute photos, so you will see some fairly substantial new features along those lines, although the most extensive will probably be subscriber-based, as I've noted in the past. (I'm not showing all the cards yet -- and time constraints might delay some features -- but I point all this out because I've been working aggressively on responding to the many suggestions made during last season's DCSki Survey. So some perceived gaps in DCSki's feature set may be filled in the near future.)

Although the new DCSki will add features that allow users to maintain their own photo "Yearbooks," I don't have plans to have detailed, user-contributed photo libraries for each resort, so that might be a good angle to pursue. DCSki's main focus will remain on providing news and information.

- Scott
July 30, 2004
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Those are some really good ski names. Heck I could always get the advantage on the next ice age and do something like lol For now though this is just a thought for when I have some personal time after the fight with these lost river dams is over. Well after the new site has been unvieled and I'll see what ways I can compliment it. For the most part this is a backburner priority but I figured I'd reserve the name if I could find a decent one and go from there.
July 30, 2004
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How about something that could indicate a photo content rather than DCSki type of content ... maybe something like ... ... or ...
July 30, 2004
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I think a site (whether it be this one or bawalker's or whatever) with an emphasis on ski photos from local areas is a great idea. I like the collection of photos available at and would love to see more photos geared towards the midatlantic region. This point was really driven home to me when I saw the pictures of blue knob that shearer posted.

Are there any existing sites with a good collection of mid-atlantic ski photos? I pledge to be better about taking pictures this year!
JimK - DCSki Columnist
July 30, 2004
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Caveat: this comes from someone who is clueless about copyrights and other internet legalities:

As you can probably tell I enjoy fishing around They've got 50mil photos from all around the globe in their db. If just one percent are of mountain scenery that gives a half mil photos of possible interest to skiers, but it is hard to pluck out the best.

Maybe they are already taken, but how about,,, etc. featuring categories of ski related images for people to view, buy, screensave, etc. In other words more like a subset of webshots than dcski?
July 30, 2004
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Thats a really good idea. I think most of us are addicted to shots of ski resorts and slopes so I may invest the majority of the time in developing it to be primarily a picture site. Although I definately want to keep tabs on snowfall amounts, links to useful items.

I had mentioned to Scott but I'm sure his schedule has kept him so busy lately, but something sorely needed for this area is descriptions and information on the best routes possible to certain ski resorts. What I would like to do now that I have a digital camera is get out and drive around all of these roads getting tons of pictures of them to make a section for skiiers to look at. Plus provide exact mileages, road conditions, etc.

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