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JimK - DCSki Columnist
July 22, 2004
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July 22, 2004
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Since I have a 2nd address I use for junk mail this is not a problem. But I wonder if I would be willing to give out my name/address if I didn't. It appears to me that this site is soliciting information for a mail flood, both paper and "e". Just another form of spam. Read this which appears on the site's main page
As a matter fact, this is practically the -only- thing that appears on the site's front page.

--- snip --- is an established independent provider of customer acquisition and management services for publishers of consumer magazines in the United States. Our specialized, diversified distribution channels enable leading marketers to use magazines as a marketing tool to add value to their customer relationships. enjoys a strong reputation for commitment to both its customers and clients.
--- snip ---

"customer acquisition" .... sounds like targeting to me!
JimK - DCSki Columnist
July 23, 2004
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Point well taken about spam generator. I'll look for that. However, issue somewhat moot as site now says: Sorry, this offer has expired due to overwhelming demand!

This offer's been hanging out there for months, is it just coincidence that it gets overwhelmed a day or two after mention here?

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