News Note: Wheeling Re-Opening Municipal Ski Area
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July 20, 2004
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July 20, 2004
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Here's more info from same newspaper source, pretty neat cooperative effort to revive a small local ski hill:

My brother went to school at Wheeling Jesuit Univ (aka Wheeling College) around 1970. He's a good skier and he talked about visiting Oglebay park once or twice just for kicks. I think it only had a vertical of 200 or 300ft, but not bad for a couple hours of close-by ski practice.
July 20, 2004
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I tried to find this to post yesterday. Thanks, Googlejohn/jim. Oglebay is a great municipal park/ destination resort. This ski area is located on the driving range. They tried to re-open on a shoestring about 10 years ago but lack of snowmaking finished that after one season. This hill won't make Oglebay a destination "ski resort" but will add to their winter amenities. Many of my friends learned there in the 70's. Five minutes from home, you can bet I'll take advantage.

July 20, 2004
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That's great news! I learned to ski at Oglebay Park as a teenager in the late 60s. It was also where my three kids first skied in the early 90s. Olgebay was a lot of fun then and I'm sure it will be again. Its the type of small ski area that the skiing industry can't aford to lose if it wants to continue attracting young people to the sport.
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