Skit Trip to Massanutten Jan 22nd
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December 21, 2000
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Who wants to go Snow Skiing, or Snow boarding?

[b]Massanutten Ski Resort[/b]. Near Harrisonburg, Virginia. For info on Resort, click here: (

Map: (another, more detailed map is at the bottom of this post)

[b]Monday, January 22nd 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM ALL DAY!![/b]

You can invite whomever you wish. If we can get a group of 25 or more, we get a discount, saving over $16.00 a person.

Rates: (for skis OR snowboards)

Less than 25 people:
$20.00 Rental
$30.00 Lift Ticket

[b]25 People or more:
$14.00 Rental
$20.00 Lift Ticket (That's $34 per person! You can't beat that for over 7 hours of skiing!)[/b]

Lessons are available for $14.00 per person (or $20 if less than 25 people) based on a group. These lessons are 1.5 hours long. I will be inviting my whole office also, so I am pretty sure we can get 25 people. I scheduled this on a Monday because of fewer crowds and less waiting in lines. I am telling you all more than a month in advance so you can ask off work. I already have the day scheduled and reserved. We do not have to have a deposit, and you pay when we go, however I need to get a list of everyone who is interested in going, so if you are, please email me at

We will be meeting in the Giant Food Shopping Center Parking Lot in Gainesville, VA on Monday Morning (Jan 22nd) approximately 7 or 8 am (pending) I believe that it is approximately a 1.5 to 2 hour drive from Gainesville. For those of you who live west and south of the resort (or closer to it than Gainesville), we can meet you at the resort. For those of you who want to meet at the resort, we will meet you at the Exxon Station here:

[b]I could not get the below links to work correctly, so you have to zoom in once you click them[/b]

Yahoo Map of the Giant shopping center, Gainesville, VA: =9&mag=8

Another Map of the resort: (Yahoo Maps) lient=&mag=7&desc=(540)+289-4954&cs=5&newmag=6


If you have any questions, post on this thread or email me.
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