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Scott - DCSki Editor
December 8, 1999
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Due to popular demand, I have added this forum as a means for DCSki readers to arrange ride sharing to the resorts. If you're looking for a ride - or willing to offer one - use this forum as a starting point.

(The mandatory legal disclaimer: Bear in mind that any ride sharing arrangements are not officialy endorsed or approved by DCSki. This forum is provided merely as a convenience to DCSki readers; you should exercise common sense in organizing carpools.)

I hope this forum is useful!

- Scott

lbotta - DCSki Supporter 
December 15, 1999
Member since 10/18/1999 🔗
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I am on the way to Snowshoe this weekend (17 - 19 Dec 99) and can offer a ride to and from the "Shoe" for up to two people. Will be departing at 3:00 PM Friday Afternoon (17th) and returning 3:00 PM Sunday (19th).

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January 29, 2000
Well, Ibotta, Scott,

What an excellent idea. I'm surprised more people haven't replied. Thanks for the offer, Ibotta, though I'm a little behind time in getting back to you. :-)
Please let it be known if you are up for taking along extra passengers in the future!
Think snow.

lbotta - DCSki Supporter 
February 2, 2000
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Going to eiter Liberty or Whitetail this coming Saturday or Sunday (Feb 5th and/or 6th). We have two in a Cherokee with ski racks, so we can take three others and their skis. Leaving early AM (appprox 0630) and returning around 1700 (5:00 PM) each day. If interested please leave note. Lou
February 3, 2000
Hey Ibotta, I'd love to go to liberty or White tail this weekend.
Please hit me back if there's still room for one. I'm in DC.
lbotta - DCSki Supporter 
February 3, 2000
Member since 10/18/1999 🔗
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No prob. I am in Arlington. Email is bottal@hotmail.com and we'll coordinate details. Saturday will be a bit later because I will pick up my skis from Ski Chalet, but Sunday I will depart really early to enjoy the whole day. Lou

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