30 mile hike in Virginia
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September 8, 2001
Hello, I am organizing a Virginia Backpacking trip I am looking for suggestions.

I am coming from New Jersey so, Northern trails are preferable to southern

I am going with 5 other guys. We are in various states of physical
condition. So we would not like to attempt something more difficult than
"moderately difficult".

We have a 4 day period, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. So I am
looking for something 20 - 35 miles long.

A loop is preferred but it is not required. If I can not have a loop, I
would prefer to run a shuttle to walking up and back on the same path.

We would like to be able to build camp fires. I have a stove for cooking
however, nothing beats sitting around the campfire into the night. (I know
this eliminates the Shenandoah National Park section, but not the George
Washington National Forest.)

Any Help would be appreiciated.

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