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June 20, 2001
My daughter and i would like to take a moderately difficult camping vacation in late august, early September. If anyone knows of a nice mountain trail we could do, (max 20 miles in two days.) we would appreciate it. We live near the Appalachians/ Shenandoah Mountains in Virginia.


June 20, 2001
white oak canyon and old rag are my favorite areas in shen nat'l park for day hikes. they are quite close to each other in the central portion of park. you might be able to combine traversing parts of both in weekend camping trip. white oak has fairly large waterfalls with swimming holes, old rag has best 360 degree views, both include 2000 or 3000' changes in elevation. don't believe overnight camping is allowed in busiest sections, but perhaps between the two? they are very popular, so avoid if you dislike crowds. For other choices in the park try surfing the web for info or just go there and consult with a ranger upon entering park for good route.
June 22, 2001
Old Rag is an exellent hike, but is very popular and can be quite crowded on the weekend. has a trailfinder that list many of the trails in the park with directions to find them, a brief description, and a difficulty rating. there are several 'family' campgrounds and backcountry camping is available throughout the park. if you need more specific info the parks phone number is 540.999.3500.

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