Camping in New England - early October?
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Scott - DCSki Editor
June 16, 2000
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Some friends from college and I would like to go camping in New England this fall. The best time seems to be early October (maybe around Columbus Day, Oct. 9.) The most convenient location for everyone seems to be around New York or southern Vermont.

Can anyone provide suggestions for places to go around there? We're interested in camping at a nice campground a couple nights and doing some hiking.. Maybe try some other activities like canoeing. Is that too late in the season - i.e., is it likely to be freezing up there in early October? I don't mind cooler temperatures but if it's cold enough for snowguns to fire, that's probably a bit too low for my tastes.

I assume leaves will have peaked up there by then.

Thanks for any tips or advice,

- Scott

September 29, 2000
Hi Scott:
Did anyone reply to you about this? I found your email while researching the same idea. Someone DID suggest that we pay attention to Canadian holidays, because it might be a mob scene up in New England at that time.
I'll write back with anything good that I find, and I'm hoping that you'll do the same.
Lee Ann
Scott - DCSki Editor
September 30, 2000
Member since 10/10/1999 🔗
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I spoke to some friends that live in New England and we do have a trip planned in early October, at a campground in southern Vermont. It sounds like it probably will be chilly, at least at night, and that the autumn leaves should be really good. I think I'm ready for the cold because I was out in Utah a week or so ago camping in a snowstorm!

Watching out for Canadian holidays is a good bit of advice - I hadn't thought of that.


- Scott

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