Brief Whitetail Snow Report 2/26
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February 26, 2004
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Ok got in a few runs today AM at WT but was there for other reasons so can't give a full up report.

Snow overall is still in pretty dang good shape but melting back fast... snow still hanging around the distant fields and mountain peaks & in-between the runs... looks wintery.

Snow was sortof packed powder but a bit more granular mixed in, at least AM. It was chunky and hard in some areas but just firm in most places, and took an edge easily.

Most runs groomed nicely but fairly tightly packed moguls from top to bottom on Exhibition. Really no place to bail out much on E. as the snow under the lift is melting, leaving bear spots, so you have want to ski moguls to ski this run.

In the early AM it was HARD and crunchy and I found it to be NOT FUN AT ALL to pick my through it. They also blew about 1-2 inches of software powder on top of it which helped in places but hid the crunchy underlayer and there wasn't enough cover of this all over.

probably by mid-afternoon it was soft and somewhat slushy which was probably better skiing there but I never got back to it...

SO, the upshot, plenty of skiing left but winding down fast... this weekend will be good but the warm hit of weather will take its toll no doubt.

February 27, 2004
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Thanks Kev. Planning first trip there this weekend. Good to Know you left some snow.

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