Roundtop: Snow Report 2/20
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February 20, 2004
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Well I took my floating holiday on Monday and moved it to today for a lesson and some free-skiing at Roundtop. This is only the 2nd time this season I have been to RT.

Conditions are EXCELLENT with the caveat of the warm weather bringing on some melt back and softer wetter snow. I would definitely get some ski time in over the next weekend or two before it all turns to slushville. ( End of season for RT quickly approaches, Mar 15 I think).

Items of note:

Gunbarrel -- Steep but quite skiable, no real cornice at this point but some bump-like "projections" around the top. Finding a good (i.e. easier) line a bit tough but not impossible. Three good turns and you are out of it.

Ramrod -- no ice!!!

Lower GB -- a short widely spaced shallow bumped mogul field has been set up in preparation for the "R games" on Mar 14/15. This is a great little practice area for those of us that really are not mogulally inclined. I actually almost thought I was doing it "right" one time!!! ;-)

Fanny Hill -- an even smaller tightly packed evenly spaced deepish rutted mogul field has been installed. Again, great practice for the likes of me...

Diann Roffe -- shameless plug! I am still impressed with Diann Roffe the ski instructor. Sign up and give it a shot. End shameless plug.

Overall -- we crested the apex of the primo conditions a couple of weekends ago, before the rain. BUT the snow is still in good shape and there's plenty of good skiing to be had, so give it a shot. ( I would assume WT & Liberty are in similiar shape? )

February 21, 2004
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Yesterday was is much colder. "The Valley" is getting hammered again. 4" so far. After a morning blizzard, a short lull, the weather has started acting up again and it is snowing with increased vigor! I'm glad I am not driving. 7:00 pm update
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