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February 16, 2004
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OK, this thread will attract canaanman like bees to honey.

I skied T-Line this past weekend and there were three kickers to slider's left; all three were shaped like teeth (due to melting?) The first tooth was all alone, and the next pair were side by side with a gap in the middle. The ramp angles were probably similar to those found in aerial competitions.

Do people actually ski off these kickers, and if so, what line do they take? Is this done only in two feet of powder?

All possible lines I considered had very flat landings and very large drops. If you went off to the right for the first kicker, you risked landing on the edge of a ridge.

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February 19, 2004
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Speak of the devil...

Nah, nobody's going off those teeth-looking things. They're way too tall and steep and have no decent landing. I guess they tore down the kicker at the top of the trail. Those "teeth" are from where they blew snow and it froze...

Better terrain action can be had in the former Cherry Bowl Glades (I'm tellin yah, just take down all the signs and nobody will know but the "locals"). There are more than a few treeslides to be had in there.

February 19, 2004
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I can tell you that I didn't try to catch air on those teeth. It was a blast playing on the snow whale rollers though. One of the most intersting lines I've taken on the east coast!


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