T-Line 2/7-8 Weekend Report
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February 8, 2004
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This weekend proved that conditions in Canaan Valley can change dramatically within 24 hours. On Friday night, I arrive and its a drizzle rain. The snow is solid, not frozen, just very dense. I figure with the temps dipping below freezing, things will be icy on Saturday morning.

I was correct. Saturday morning brough ice to every ungroomed trail. Most double diamonds did not open until 10:30am, and when they did they were very difficult to ski. For this reason alone, I headed over to the park. Icy landings made it tough. Plus, nobody was clearing anything, and any soft snow on the landings was destroyed. Pretty upsetting. Saturday afternoon brought lots of snow in. Therefore, conditions improved tenfold from the morning.

Sunday brought bluebird skies, and almost a foot of powder. Most trails were skied out quickly in the morning, but some powder could be had in gladed areas or trails not visible to the public. The park was out of the question, it had not been groomed, the take-offs were slow, the landings were horrible (may I suggest salt, a groomer, and people who care). Nonetheless, it was a georgeous day, with temperatures in the mid-20s by 11am. There wasn't much of a crowd at all, one could ski down and get right back on the lift.

Though, I did actually get my "ticket" pulled. Last run today, I handed off my season pass to a friend, took his ticket that he keeps in his pass window on his jacket, stuck it on me, and rode off the pumphouse. Stuck the landing much to the applause of the lift, and rode down past Mid-Station where I was corraled by Ski Patrol. Words were exchanged and tickets were pulled... mainly my friends, because we were both done for the weekend anyways. People were actually booing the Ski Patrol from the lift. Oh well, atleast they enforced it this year.

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