T-Line Superbowl Weekend Report
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February 1, 2004
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Well, I am ecstatic. My Friday obligations cleared up nicely due to 3+ inches of snow, and I quickly headed for the mountains. Destination: Timberline. So, the drive up 79 was good, and over 33. Funny thing happened near Elkins... drifting snow. I guess the fresh snow from Friday morning was blowing about in the strong winds. Hmm... this could only mean one thing, powder.

Saturday morning... -6°. Did that keep the crowds away? Not really. Was the drifted powder fresh? Absolutely. Despite the fact that the temperatures didn't reach much above 10° all day, the intensity of the runs was quick to warm the body. Under the 'Thunderstuck' triple, some of the best bumps and showboating was to be had. The new glades were in excellent conditions. And, as usual, Cherry Bowl was at the top of its game. The Drop flunked out as the iciest run, and Silver Streak put a whole new spin on the meaning of 'Thin Cover'.

Sunday greeted many with more seasonable temperatures. At 8am, it was already 12°, and peaked out near freezing around noon. Still, some pockets of powder were to be had, and if you knew where to go *cough**cough*, fresh lines still could be had. Off-The-Wall had been scraped off since Saturday, and was beginning to get icy. Conditions were still very good under the aforementioned triple, but the real goods lay in carving up the sweet courderoy on Almost Heaven and Thunderstruck (one such run involved a patch of ice and reorganization of internal organs). Both lifts ran very well all weekend, a little slower on Saturday, when the crowds were larger.

Some 'news' going around is that the park will be open next weekend, and from what I've seen by cheating in from Pearly, its going to have some huge features. I spoke with a Patrollman who told me they had ordered a bunch of rails. Good thing he said "ordered", it relieved me of any worries about their quality. To date, I do not think that the 'Name That Glade' contest winner has been named. And if you're not looking to spend $250 for an old double chair, just head out around midnight to the 'Boneyard' with a shovel.

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