Snow Report: It was a .5 powder day at Whitetail!
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January 24, 2004
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Ok, just back from WT and we had 3-6" of light fluffy powder from about dawn (which I saw ugh...) to 11:30am... Then it was trampled down in the mad rush.

The snow is overall in great shape and they have everything open, with plenty of coverage all the way across all trails.

Snow covers the surrounding area and there's enough snow between trails for a little (very little) exploration among the trees; nice views from the top, it looks like winter time!

The crowds looked like they would be killer but it didn't seem too bad to me. In my mind we rarely waited more than a few minutes to get onto the lift, although my friend said once we "might have waited 10 minutes..." It didn't seem that long to me but what do i know.

However this was only from the vantage of the main quad, and the black diamond area lift which had about the same crowd... The lift over the main green slope looked worse...

The snow is dry and silky mostly with a little bit of hard patches here and there which will probably be groomed out, no real ice that I could find but a little slick here and there.

I enjoyed all the runs from Stalker, Snowdancer, Limelight, Angle->Almost Home, Bold Decision, Exhibition, and Farside. I think I got those names right!

Favorite of the day was probably Farside which is RARELY open (in my mind) and I thought the snow was quite nice there in the afternoon. It was a pleasure to ski and enjoy it which has never happened to me before, as it often seems hard& icy to me when it is open.

In the morning, I'd have to give it to either Stalker or Home Run as the tops due to mounds of light fluffy stuff they seemed to capture, possibly due to their late-ish seeming opening which I came close to catching.

Bold Decision has moguls from top to bottom which some monsters in the center at the main drop off. On either side right/left are some easier lanes if it gets too hairy... :-)

Did see one injured skier being helped by the ski patrol on BD... bummer.

And on a somewhat related note:

Getting to the resort AM was a bit trafficy with slick roads. One southbound tractor trailer jack knifed at the top of a hill crushing the cab in a oddly weird way against a small hill in the medium.

The resue squad was out in force trying to extricate... no word on final outcome!!!

SO be careful going, whilst there, and coming home! In fact, I would not go at all, stay home and watch TV all day (as I am likely to again tomorrow and would like the place to myself, thank you very much!!!)


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