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January 20, 2004
What's nice for a family of beginners with a kid (5). Looking for 2 nights - we'll have a car - or should we stay at the resort?
Roger Z
January 20, 2004
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As beginners, I'd say Bryce is a great place to go. Small, can't get lost, most novices I've known have enjoyed it.
January 22, 2004
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The Deep Creek Area in Maryland (Wisp) is great for kids. They have two "Ski Carpets" for learning that, esp. for your kid, eliminate the problems and fears of loading on a chairlift. They also have an excellent, dedicated kid care facility that he/she will enjoy and a 10 lane tubing hill that a 5 year old will love.

For the adults, you will be able to go to the top of the mtn as soon as you can turn/stop and enjoy several long, gentle trails that curve all the way around and back to the base.

For lodging, there are many, many houses/townhouses/condos/hotel rooms in the area. Or, if you stay at the Wisp hotel, you are right there, and they also have an outstanding indoor pool. Will O' the Wisp is another good place with an indoor pool and nice resturant. There are also several interesting-in-the-winter state parks (Swallow Falls in particular) within a few minutes, lots of resturants, and an 8 screen movie theater. It also has the huge advantage when driving with a child of being <3 hours from pretty much anywhere in the DC/Baltimore area.

Beyond that, Canaan Valley State Park would be good as well. They have an excellent beginner slope, a good tubing hill and, if you stay in the lodge, a very nice indoor pool. The facilities are also relatively inexpensive if a bit dated. In addition to skiing, you are also nearby Blackwater Falls State Park which is absolutely beautiful. The biggest disadvantage is the probably the longer and more difficult drive to the valley.

Seven Springs should also merit consideration. They have everything within a slope side center, again including a pool, arcade, and learning center. The drive is about the same as to Wisp.

Conditions at all of these will usually be similar and should be terrific for learning to ski. Hidden Valley is also nice but generally more limited. It certainly doesn't have the "woods and mountains" feel to the degree of Canaan or Wisp....

January 23, 2004
Suggest you try Hidden Valley, PA, an excellent family resort. They also get lots of lake effect snow so the conditions are good. Reasonably priced condos are available within walking distance to the slopes through Moutain Resort Properties.

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