Stembogan at BK open tomorrow..
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January 16, 2004
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10" of new snow at BK and Stembogan open tomorrow, is this the first that slope has been open all year?
January 16, 2004
Yes, Stembogan (not Stembogan Bowl) at Blue Knob is now open for the first time this season. However, if you're heading up to BK and planning on skiing Stembogan, I strongly suggest that you bring a pair of "rock skis" or a "rock board" just to be safe. The snow guns on Stembogan are far apart, and therefore, when snow is made, the piles of snow around each snow gun are pushed around to fill in the large gaps between the guns. This process usually results in rocks getting fetched up into the snow base as the soil underneath the snow is covered with rocks rather than grass. The rocks aways seem to be particularly bad on the corners of the turns on Stembogan.
January 16, 2004
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I'll agree with Steve on this one. The cover on Stembogan Trail is never what it should be. Especially since it's a trail that most intermediates would love. Other BK trails have much better snowmaking cover.

Rock skis are generally not needed on Stembogan; just the ability to be looking ahead and to ski around obstacles. Your basic good skiing technique which any Vermont skier is used to (and often expects).

Once/if Extrovert opens, I'll check out Blue Knob. Not worth the trip for me until it opens.

January 18, 2004
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BK website says Stembogen bowl is also open along with 14-16" of new snow this week.
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