drive time-canaan to snowshoe
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January 24, 2002
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We are going to be at Canaan Valley saturday through tuesday. It is looking as if most of snow may be washed off the mountain by the end of our trip so I was wondering if anyone has made the drive from Canaan to snowshoe and if so how long is it and whats the best route.

Why are the weathermen always wrong when they call for snow and right when they call for rain?


January 24, 2002
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I did it all the time. From Canaan, I just went to the bottom of the mountain to Harmon and made a right to Elkins, then just head South.

Report back. Canaan had a water shortage - limited or no snow making...but all this rain ?????

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January 24, 2002
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I know that even when I cannot count on cold temperatures in January (what is this region comming to)I can still count on my friends at DCSKI.


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January 25, 2002
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I made the roundtrip three times this year. It can be done in about an hour and 50 minutes give or take.

32 to Harmon
33 to Elkins
219 to Snowshoe

The only major climbing is over the Cheat Mountain range on 33 heading to Elkins and the final 6 mile climb up to Snowshoe Village. Most of the drive is in the Tygert Valley, and is quite pleasant and scenic.

Be advised that the brown mileage signs to Shoe (you see the first one just after McDonalds in Elkins) are calculated to the base of the mountain. Add 6 miles to get the REAL mileage.


PS Kroger is a good place to pick up groceries on the way back.

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