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The Colonel - DCSki Supporter 
January 10, 2004
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I was at Seven Springs from Tues. evening until late Friday afternoon (9 Jan).
Tuesday night they had at least 3/4 of all the towers on the front (lodge) side gushing out tons of snow...I have never seen anything like it...the whole mountain was engulfed in a cloud of snow...really impressive. Wish I had taken a picture!!!
The skiing was pretty good, temps were cold!!! Most everything was groomed, and while a bit crusty, not too much ice showing. Some trails had snowmaking in daytime and in many cases it was a very wet snow being made which would coat glasses and gogles with a layer of unable to see through instant ice.
Had a great time, but two complaints:
1. Seven Springs has an awful ski report. Because they list multiple trails together, you can not really tell anything, such as whether a trail is groomed or not, or whether snowmaking is taking place. We skied some green runs such as Lost Boy that were ungroomed with snowmaking ongoing, but below the bailout point. And some groupings said "bumps" even they included a green trail which was smooth as a baby's skin. In this area the Snowshoe trail report is far superior to that of Seven Springs.
2. The temperature in the day ski lodge and cafe was actually 55 degrees on my very accurate digital thermomenter. This is ridiculous, and a bit dangerous for those who sit in the lodge all day, awaiting children or a spouse. When I inquired about this situation, the information folks also complained, stating that they had to wear coats and still froze...they had no idea it was 55 degrees inside-it was in the low 20s outside. This is just a lack of caring by management!!
Should be great conditions this weekend, and for many days to come. ENJOY!!
Buckeye Skier
January 11, 2004
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Colonel, I know what you mean about 7Springs snow report.It's kind of funky, and not always accurate. We went Jan.2, they said 31 trails were open. There were some with no snow at all, and many with giant bare spots. The report only showed one area that listed bare spots. They do have excellent snowmaking and normally very good conditions. The one thing that I don't like about 7Springs are the very slow lifts on the North Face.You would think they could at least give you a foot rest. With all of the money that place brings in I think they could put a high speed lift on the North Face. Then again I've learned if you want to ski you can't be too picky, you have to ski whats offered and make the best of it.

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