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December 11, 2003
Ok I thought that I might give every one some inside scoop on Seven Springs, I probably should not and I would probably be hung up by my toes if others knew I was doing this but what the he!!.

Best Lines on the mountain:

Skiers right of Avalanche. As avalanche bumps up a lot of snow gets pushed over to the right hand side, often the prevailing wind also dumps wind stashes in nice little pockets. Also towards the end of the day as skiers middle is skied of some good turns can be had skiing lift tower line.

Skiers left of Tyrol is also pretty sweet. Usually there are some great little bumps. Often the glades are very skiable here also.

After they tear down the Nastar course about 4 you can ski the snowmaker line on skiers rt. and get some good turns in there also.

Stowe typically has the best bumps on the mountain, with less pitch than Avalanche or Goosebumps the bumps tend to from much better with less drop offs and undercuts.

One of my favorite runs in the mountain is the skiers left of Wagner right against the trees. It is short but sweet with a great pitch and usually really good snow.

Alpine is a nice wide cruiser that typically gets less play than the other slopes. The only downside of this is slope is the lift is long and windy when you hit the crest.

North Face, like most of the slopes at the Springs is 3 slopes in one. My favorite line is skiers left right under the lift. When you hit the second headwall duck under the lift and ski the double fall line lower headwall. There are often wind loaded pockets there.

On Giant Steps skiers right is you best bet, you can actually drop into it from the top of Giant Boulder through the row of little pine trees. The pitch is not sustained for long but it does not skied off like the rest of the Steps.

Skiers right of the second headwall is the best place to be also in the old Nastar course. On the third headwall cut across the lower half of Giant boulder and drop in, beware the snow making here is spotty so eyeball it on the lift ride up to check the coverage. On good snow days fun can be had way to the skiers left of the snowmakers against the woods.

When the snow is good the Gunner lift line is the best slope on the mountain, get it early before the posers ski it off.

Gunner, well I gotta keep something for myself.

The glades on the back side were ravaged by last years ice storm so I have not checked them out yet this year, they were skiable a couple of days last year.

Let me know if you have any questions.

johnfmh - DCSki Columnist
December 12, 2003
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>Gunner, well I gotta keep something for myself.


December 12, 2003
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Hey SR, you forgot to mention that last weekend eveything on your list except alpine meadows, giant steps and gunner were open and in great shape! You also forgot to tell about.... never mind, let them find out for themselves.
December 24, 2003
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The Timberline inside tip:

Chili Cheese Fries.

No joke, these things are a full meal, and they cose as much as cheese fries, which is like 3 bucks. The chili's just an added bonus... that's what happens when you order things that used to be on the menu.

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