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September 3, 2003
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What is Timberline's 1) official and 2) actually enforced policy about in-bounds skiing between the trails? From the trail map, looks like there are several marked glades. Are these controlled like the glades at Blue Knob? (ie, treated like a normal trail with possible closure ropes across the entrance.)

How about the non-marked stuff?

September 4, 2003
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I might be able to inform you of the condition of Cherry Bowl, so that you might (at your own risk and ticket) be able to ski them. As I see it, last year made favorable snowboarding conditions in the 'Glades. Powder everywhere, most of the stuff left behind was covered. As you entered, of course right past the "Area Closed" "Do Not Enter" "You Will Die" signs near the top of Off-The-Wall, head way out to the right, over towards Sally. Head down at an slight angle, you'll notice off to your left an area steeper than anything else on the mountain. Heck, it's worthy of a triple-black rating (I can attest to that, trees are not soft!). There is a beautiful chute right through 2 evergreen trees. It's steep, dumps you in pretty steep woods.

Now if you were to head down, to your left is maybe an 8 foot cliff drop made when they logged all that cherry out. Hit the logging road and bear right after the cliff or bear right to the cliff, head off into the right (avoiding all the crap on the left in the lower bowl). You'll be dropping over logs (or sliding them if you wish), and flying between trees in what is hopefully nice powder. Watch out at the end as those intermediate beginners like to ski right below the run-out for the glades. Be aware that you can have your pass revokd for entering and riding this... although I must have done it 20+ times last season w/o consequence, riding amongst or right behind the Ski Patrol themselves 5+ times. I've realized now that this information has been released it will be fenced and roped-off next season, but oh well.

Let's see, I might just have to get a job at Timberline so I might be able to ride those Glades with fewer sever consequences. But they're sick! I mean that in a good way. Hopefully nobody will step on our fun in the wonderful C-Bowl.

P.s. If any of you work there and would perhaps like a detailed map of the glades (hand-drawn), reply. It's been ridden enough to a mappable level.

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