Silver Queen Triple?
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August 31, 2003
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Is it just me, or does that not have an appealing ring to it. I always looked forward to riding in those groovus double chairs, Timberline just won't be the same without it. Hey, at least that way you were always on the outside, none of that middle mumbo-jumbo. And when the cold icy breeze kicked up in mid-January, the "Vader Lift" was superior in comfort to the other chair.

So, who else is going to miss those things?

And who else is planning a raid for the old chairs?

August 31, 2003
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The double was nice. I for one like tripples because it gives me more space to spread my legs! Foot rests are even better! Think Western Express at Snowshoe. After grueling moguls, tired legs need the rest! I still find it hard to believe that the engineer said the lift supports and cables are strong enough for all of the added weight. Looks like the temps are starting to drop. Think snow!!!!

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