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August 8, 2003
Can someone tell when snowshoe has gotten the all their slopes open over the past several years? We are looking at going to snowshoe form Dec 21 to Dec 26 2003 and are concerned about the number of slopes the will be open and the amount of snow.
August 8, 2003
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And can you tell me a good stock to buy?!? I remember a number of years back skiing there with almost everything open on THANKSGIVING! I remember 2 (?) years ago, they were lucky to get ONE top-to-bottom on XMAS DAY! I don't think this year there is that major La Nina/El Nino effect; whatever that means for this year. must have some input on 'Shoe f'n LIVE there - ha-ha!!! But like stocks: past performance (weather) is no predictor for the future!
August 8, 2003
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Snowshoe will most likely have all of their slopes open by Christmas. Given normal snowfall/temperature the only runs that -might- be affected (based on past experience) would be Widowmaker and J Hook. Rarely the terrain parks don't have the full compliment of tabletops/rails, whatever ready. In any case, there is always something for the boarders and freeriders to play with.

Word of warning; the Christmas period at Snowshoe is full contact. Expect long waits at restaurants and maybe a tad less than perfect service. I recommend bringing some emergency vittles just in case; PBnJ for the kids and some nibble for yourselves. Special secret hint: you can order out for pick up at most of the restaurants. If you do decide to order out, place your order fairly early in the evening and get there in time to pick up (you still might have a 15/20 min wait). We have done this several times and it has worked out amazing well, especially when we were too tired from a days worth of skiing to battle the crowds at Foxfire or Junction.

We have booked at Snowshoe for Dec 17- 22 to brush up on our skills with our favorite instructor prior to braving Heavenly/Squaw in January. Looking forward to returning to Snowshoe because that 1st trip always marks the beginning of the ski season for us.


August 8, 2003
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Typically most of the resort is open by early December. It's unfair to comment on how late any of the mid atlantic resorts opened two years ago, because you could still waterski in early decmember the temps were so warm.

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