7 Springs vs. Laurel lift lines for MLK
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January 17, 2002
What kind of lift lines can I expect at 7 springs this weekend? Has anyone been up there over MLK weekend? Will I end up waiting in 30 minute lift lines? How about Laurel Mountain? They only have have two lifts there, will they be any better this weekend? Thanks for the insights.


January 17, 2002
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i don't think springs will be too bad. it going to be crowded everywhere but with the new detachable 6 pack chair there should be much of a wait. BUT with MASS there this weekend lodging might be tough to find.
johnfmh - DCSki Columnist
January 17, 2002
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Lodging will be tough. A colleague of mine told me he just booked the last room at the Best Western in Somerset.
January 17, 2002
There should be little to no lift lines at Laurel. While Seven Springs has the new six pack detachable, the, slopes will be very crowded, and also, due to the faster lift, people will be up and down the mountain faster causing more lift lines. I would definately recomend Laurel or Blue Knob. YOu might be able to find some rooms in Altoona.
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