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January 19, 2003
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As an aside, if you're 5'11 and 180 lbs and skiing at DIN 11 and your last name is not Maier, you may want to consider a new ski shop. That may have contributed to your ski damage and the degree of your fall.

Sorry about the bases/edges, but if you hate NC skiing, you'll definitely hate Vermont skiing. Rocks are considered terrain features in Vermont ...

January 20, 2003
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I try really hard not to bash skiing in NC, but this time I had to speak out. I've been skiing in NC for 21 years and ski at least 3 times a week except for the holidays. I also worked in the ski industry for 8 years, 4 of those years as a ski instructor. On Thurs., Jan. 16 it snowed 3-6 inches at Sugar Mt. and the riding was great. I just got a brand new pair of Volkl SuperSports that had came out of the plastic the night before when they were mounted, so I figured this was the perfect test for them. On the fourth run, I came down Big Red and at the bottom of the run next to the slow sign on the right, there was a big rock IN THE trail that ski patrol, I suppose, let slip their mind. I am 5'11" tall and180 pound, my din setting was on an 11 and the rock popped my ski's off sending me straight off the trail where I fractured my finger and jammed my neck. Needless to say after 4 runs, my $750 dollar skis have a massive core shot and edge damage! After asking about obstacles IN THE trail, Sugar's Admin. said they couldn't do anything. I ask a personal friend of mine what Beech Mt.'s policy was and he said his father, who is the Mt. Manager, usually did something when it was the neglect of the staff.
All over the mountain ski patrol was blocking off tiny kickers and other insignificant obstacles. When the season first begins they should know these spots to protect riders, but they rather use their authority for clipping tickets I guess. And the worst part about it is that this is the SECOND time it has happen in 3 years, those skis lasted 7 runs. But that is another story.

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