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January 10, 2003
I am thinking about heading to Ski Roundtop on a Saturday in January for my kids (ages 7 and 9) to try out skiing. Anyone have any comments on:
1- how crowded Ski Roundtop is on weekends?
2- how the beginner slopes (primarily the bunny hill) are?


January 13, 2003
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I haven't been there, but it is my understanding from people I know that Roundtop is usually not very crowded as compared to other close-in hills like Whitetail and Liberty. Maybe someone with actual experience will chime in to help you.

January 13, 2003
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I have been out to roundtop 3-4 times this winter. I have noticed that the mountain is nearly a ghosttown before noon even on weekends with fresh snow. I ski mostly on the advanced side of the mountain and it is usually no wait in lift lines all day long. But i have noticed that it can get busy on the main quad in the intermed area. I don't spend much time in the beginers area so I can't sa ymuch about how busy it might get over there. MY guess is nto too busy. The beginers area is pretty basic, but at least it is kept well seperate from the rest of the mountain which will protect you from getitng run over by more advanced skiiers and riders. The green area has 3 "trails" right next to each other as you move to the left on the map the trails get more challenging and steeper. The runs are long enough for a beginer to practice on a little but thats about it, maybe 150-300 yards. Too bad you cant make a run from the top as a beginer.

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