Has Anyone been to Laurel Mountain?
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January 2, 2003
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Hi folks,

I was wondering if anyone who has been to Laurel Mountain Pa can talk about their experiences? How was the terrain, crowds, snow, etc? Would it be a good choice for an advanced skier? Thanks!

January 2, 2003
I was there 3 years ago. I remember it as a small, tall, and fun mountain. They only have 2 real slopes from top to bottom, but they have a lot of good pitch and interesting terrain. The wildcat trail is one of the steepest in the mid-atlantic, more than enough to keep an expert skiier busy. I was there early season, so the lines were not long, but with their layout (all trails go to a single chair) they might have lift lines mid-season.

It was worth the drive.


January 2, 2003
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Never been there, but I'm planning on taking a weekend trip to Laurel Mtn either the 11/12 or 18/19 of January. I'll post my impressions of the mountain ...
January 4, 2003
Laurel is a very nice skier's mountain - usually good conditions with good terrain - Wildcat is a great slope. It is an inverted mountain so the roads can sometimes be a bit difficult though. Make sure you check to make they are open when you are going - there are a couple days (I think Monday and Tuesdays) when they are not open.

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