Airfares: maybe this is just spam
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January 12, 2002
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This page from Orbitz pops up whenever I go to the _New York Times_ website.

January 13, 2002
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Southwest doesn't fly to Denver.
JimK - DCSki Columnist
January 14, 2002
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Extraordinary airfare offers all winter. Seattle, Reno, SF, Denver for $200-250 via Southwest, American and others. Alps for around 350. I've been looking, the best deals require flying during the midweek, which is ok for US, but a bit awkward for Europe stays. I haven't checked out orbitz lately, I've used and the airlines own websites to check fares.
January 24, 2002
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I just got my tickets to Denver for mid March and got $208 travelling on Sat both dep and ret. I got them on Orbitz, which now charges a $5 service fee. As I was looking at the choices, I saw that the cheapest flights were north west and I called them but could only get the flights and fares I wanted by going through Orbitz believe it or not.
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