Snowshoe Mtn to open Friday Nov 27th
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November 19, 2002
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Dudes check this out one of my favorite mountains is opening for skiing/riding Nov 27nd. Due to the fact that there elevation is almost 4900 feet they have plenty of snow and great snowmaking. For you snowboarders and twin tip skiers a jib park on will be open on opening day with 7 new rails (pictures are on Check out the website and see for yourself the awesome snowmaking and great deals at

Brian Clarke
Showshoe Street Team

Scott - DCSki Editor
November 19, 2002
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Just so no one's confused, one clarifying note: Snowshoe is planning to open on Nov. 27, which is a Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving. (The subject said Snowshoe would open Friday Nov. 27, but the 27th is a Wednesday.)

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johnfmh - DCSki Columnist
November 19, 2002
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This was a wise and prudent move. With the exception of a few fanatics like me, I doubt many people actually planned to ski Snowshoe this weekend. The resort better serves its customers by focusing on getting as much terrain open as possible by Thanksgiving--a much bigger weekend at the resort.

I remember spending last Thanksgiving at Timberline. When a warm rain commenced, some people came out to their balconies and started yelling, "this sucks." Thus far, this year appears much more promising.

November 19, 2002
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I must agree, its a smart move! the guy posted One of the gals over at the RSN forum pointed out that its the wrong link, and she said it froze her computer...for whatever reason it might be. THINK MORE SNOW!!!! It's neat to see sugar open, but I think that they would have learned after a while that only having one slope open and claiming an earlier opening isn't as good as waiting a bit to get more open. oh well!
November 20, 2002
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Last post was a little negative, didnt mean it to sound that way. THINK MORE SNOW!!!

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