Directions to Snowshoe
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January 30, 2002
Does anyone know the quickest route to Snowshoe from Fairfax, Va? Thanks
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January 30, 2002
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Forget what Yahoo tells you. In my opinion, driving to the Shoe almost every other weekend, my favorite route is:

- I-66 West to I-81 South
- I-81 South for only three miles to Route 55 Westbound
- Route 55 Westbound through the VA-WV border, through Wardensville, on to Moorefield, then at Moorefield, turn left to Route 28 Southbound.
- Route 28 South, through Petersburg, Seneca Rocks, and Greenbank. Two miles past Greenbank, right turn at local route 66
- Local Route 66 through Cass and the eastern side of the Cheat range to the entrance to Snowshoe.

From my home in Arlington, it is exactly 228 miles and (with no stops) 4 hours, 15 minutes.

Advantages: Much less traffic, only two ranges to speak of, and the Food Lion at Moorefield is a good halfway place to stop for groceries.

I've tried I-81 to Harrisonburg, then Route 33 to Route 28, as well as I-81 to Staunton and then Hwauy 250 to 28. Both of these require ups and downs though several mountain ranges with switchback curves. And in both, the road is a major two-lane road and full of trucks winding their way up and down in the switcback curves with not a passing lane in sight. I've spent up to seven and a half hours in getting to Snowshoe this way.

Besides, the Staunton way takes you through Moterey VA. Besides the fact that it is a scenic way through a very picturesque town, it is a speed trap from hell...


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