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johnfmh - DCSki Columnist
January 30, 2002
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My boss just got back from Snowshoe. He said that skiing was epic on Monday: warm and spring-like and virtually no bare spots.

He also reported to me that the Red Fox was one of the 5 best restaurants he has ever eaten at. This guy is a Navy pilot who has been all over the globe so he knows what he is talking about when it comes to good eating.

Also, the Western Territory ROCKED!!!! He feels it offers the best terrain in the region.....I wholeheartedly agree.

lbotta - DCSki Supporter 
January 30, 2002
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Agree totally. I arrived from Japan on Friday at 9:00 AM, put my dog in the car, and beat feet to Snowshoe, arrriving before the slopes closed down. Lots of snowmaking Friday night.

Saturday it started a bit icy but then it softened up. The conditions at the eastern side (the main side) were just awesome. The grooming was excellent. But the crowds were a downer... We went to the Western Territory. Better than awesome. Some folks in shorts and T-shirts. Overall, a 9 out of a 10.

Sunday... Heavenly. Sun, sun, and more sun. More folks in shorts and tank tops. A 10 out of a 10!!!

And Snowshoe still has the base to make this warm spell a fun happening. More snow predicted for this weekend.

The lift on the Western Territory is definitely under-utilized. The most I waited in line was thirty seconds.


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February 16, 2002
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Anybody been to Snowshoe the last few days? I'm planning on heading up 2/23 and need some detailed snow info to daydream about...

That'll help me slog through work this week.

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February 17, 2002
You are going to hit it just right. I witnessed the fresh 10 " of powder on the 17th with awesome conditoins.
February 25, 2002
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So I took the trip and it was sweet.

Not as much snow as I'd like and a bit slushy, but all the trails seemed pretty well-covered.

I hope this'll be outdated soon if the big storm predicted actually shows up.

One tip: when it's crowded make some dinner reservations early. I got carried away with beers apres ski and by the time I rolled into the restaurants there was a two hour wait!

February 26, 2002
Looks like Pow on the way for Snowshoe!!
December 3, 2002
What a difference a year makes. Check out the conditions at Snowshoe.

Last year at this time they were struggling with daytime temps in the 60's. If I remember correctly, they finally opened just before Christmas.

With over 3-feet of natural snow already this year, they're about to get "hit" again (tomorrow) with another storm moving through. All this natural snow coupled with their claim of 200 snow blowers on the mountain should mean some pretty good conditions.

Can't wait to get up there!!

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