Liberty's New "alpine Quad"
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January 23, 2002
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So what was all the Hoopla about the new chair lift! It seems to me the ones they replaced got you where you were going a lot faster. I have never ridden a slower chair lift. It's lousy! The safety bars are so stiff they can barely be pulled down by adults, and children don't stand a chance. It makes me think someone came up with the idea of selling the old chairs for $75 bucks a pop and then putting in the new cheap lift and coming out ahead. Go figure! I mean if your going to install a new lift why not make a high speed to move more people? And if you're not then it probably is not a good idea to hype up the slow one.
January 23, 2002
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When we were there on Monday, they were running it at significantly different speeds at different times. A couple of times we were sitting for significant periods of time while the lift was stopped. I wonder if the ability of the riders to get off the lifts is holding them up. (Given what one of the guys on the lift with us was smoking, that seems plausible.)

That chair was a breeze, however, compared to the "Dipsy Double". (Who was the wizard who decided they needed a chair called a "Dipsy Double" and a trail called "Dipsy Doodle" when one doesn't go to the other?) The "lines" were fairly anarchic and the lift attendants were so spaced out they couldn't remember which line of people they had just waved forward.

January 24, 2002
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Both of the old chairlifts up the frontside were worn out and ready to be retired. The response was to replace two doubles with a quad. Unfortunately, one chair is now serving the top and the mid-station and given the inevitable train wrecks loading once and unloading in two locations, intermittent stops are going to be a way of life.

For reasons that are a complete mystery to me, there seem to have been a lot of wrecks on the unloading area at the top. The ramp is very gentle and the chair ain't moving fast, so I don't know why....

January 25, 2002
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more than likely, its people just getting tangled as they get off. with 4 people (many inexperienced) there are bound to be falls as they get tangled with the person beside them. then the lift people shut down to clear the mess. as far as discourtesy, what would you expect at a snow time area???
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