Looks like a honkin' storm cranking up!!
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November 27, 2001
For later this week..Snowshoe could get socked. Have you guys took a glance at the national weather map..Can't wait to hit the Pow!!
November 27, 2001
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Quick everyone time to get TP, Bread & Milk

November 27, 2001
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its gonna be good, i hope we see around a foot or two of snow at the shoe this weekend!
November 28, 2001
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Just came back from the Shoe's site (Snow News). Warm...expected storm disappeared. They may not even make their 12/6 target at this rate!

****Updated: Wednesday, November 28, 2001 - 7:00 am****
This is depressing. If anyone out there knows where the cold weather is, please let me know because it's "MIA" from here.

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johnfmh - DCSki Columnist
November 28, 2001
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I am certainly no weather expert, but a report on the Weather Channel said that the warm weather is being caused by the position of the jet stream relative to the East Coast of the US. Right now it is in Canada preventing all that wonderful cold air from making itsway south.

Are there any weather gurus out there who can offer some more explanation?

John Sherwood

November 29, 2001
Well I blew that forecast..Maybe they'll open in October next year? What's the latest date they ever openned? Seems like they always had at least a few trails by Thanksgiving. This is the worst I've ever seen. Think Snow!!
November 30, 2001
I can attest to the jet stream in Canada..I'm just west of Vancouver and Whistler is a total Pow Wow..Spent years at Snowshoe and still have a big spot in my heart for her. She hands down has the best snow in the east-at least south of Jay Peak anyway..Think Snow!!
December 20, 2001
I must disagree with SharkCity about eastern snow. Snowshoe averages (they say) 180 inches a year. That's by far the best in the mid-atlantic but most of Vermont and N.H. get much more than that. Smuggler's Notch and Stowe average 250 inches and Jay Peak even more. Plus, the N.England areas don't get as many meltdowns as Snowshoe. I like Snowshoe fo a mid-atlantic area, but New England skiing is several levels better.
December 21, 2001
Yojeff, Blue knob gets 160, seven springs receieves well over a 100, as does wisp and hidden valley. Canaan valley and timberline both receieve 150 inches.
December 28, 2001
Lakeflake is what makes Snowshoe special. It's quality snow. I'm talking about the wonderful pow that comes off the lakes, often times just sifting down for days. Both Snowshoe and Vermont get the Atlantic storms. These can be hardpack, ice, dust on crust, higher moisture snow-depending on wind and temp..
'Course when warm air blows up from The Gulf of Mexico. This means rain at the 'shoe.
I've never been unhappy going to Snowshoe, and was actually lucky to enough to live there for a while..


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