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October 4, 2001
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When searching for lodging there is now a lot of information available on the internet. Unfortunately, like so often is the case with the internet, there is a lot of mis-information as well as missing information. With that in mind it is my hope that we can gather some first hand knowledge of good vs. bad lodging.
I know last year my family found what seemed to be a good deal lodging in a 1 bedroom unit at snowcrest through "east west condominiums". It was about 25% off Snowshoe's going rate. For the most part it was fine. It did however smell as if Joe Camel and his family had stayed there for a couple years.
Next time I will be sure to ask about that first.
This is the type of information that collectively we have a wealth of and should share. No matter how glossy or flashy the web pages are they never mention the extra information that we all can bring to this forum.
I thank all for their input in advance.

Happy lodging,


johnfmh - DCSki Columnist
October 4, 2001
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Best lodging experience: I'll let you know when it happens. I enjoyed the Austrian Inn in Stowe Vermont not so much because it was luxurious, but because it offered large rooms, with fridges, close to the slopes at a most reasonable rate.

Worst: Days Inn in Allentown, PA. The hotel is far away from the slopes located at a truck depot in an ugly part of Allentown just off the highway. The rooms are old and isolated. About the only thing I can say is that it is a very cheap way to enjoy Blue Mountain--about 10 miles away.

lbotta - DCSki Supporter 
October 5, 2001
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My best: Albana Real hotel in Zermatt. No pretenses, just a great hotel with an excellent breakfast menu and superior dinner, and a breathtaking view of the Matterhorn.

My worst: My condo at Snowshoe the day I bought it. The acrid smell of cigarette smoke was so overpowering that I had to open the windows with the temp at 5 degrees F. I don't think smokers realize the extent of the stink once the nicotine and tar have soaked through. It has taken me a year, three carpet steam cleanings (it will be replaced Spring), cleaning the baseboard heaters and washing the walls to get rid of the odor. I threw away all the ashtrays and put no-smoking signs everywhere. And having taken it off the Snowshoe rental program was also a great thing. The Snowshoe rental program is an assembly line. Old Spruce allows me to state that the place is strictly non-smoking.

October 5, 2001
locally, don't usually stay over, when i do it's often at nondescript chain motels near hwys. i've always heard the big lodge at the base of seven springs is a lively local place to stay. snowshoe always has a lot of stuff going on.
otherwise, enjoyed sugarloaf-maine grand summit resort hotel, it's nice, new and slopeside. the abominable snowmansion hostel near taos-new mexico is funky, but rare bargain near big time skiing. ten years ago i got a bunk and breakfast for $10, same now costs about $20. 3 or 4 years ago i stayed in a condo next to base of Sunrise chair at killington. i was approached there by real estate types trying to sell me timeshares at same. i declined. the next season they dismantled that segment of the sunrise chair, leaving those units a few miles out of the lift system.
johnfmh - DCSki Columnist
October 6, 2001
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In response to Lou:

If Europe counts in this discussion, my best experience was at the Hotel Grand in Jasna, Slovakia. We stayed there off season for $45 bucks a night including a wonderful buffet. The Grand offered great views of the Tatras mountains and was just minutes from the main lift at Jasna. Since it was the summer, we used the lift as a means too access some of the most stunning alpine hiking terrain I have ever experienced.

If you go, plan to hike or hike and ski to Chata Stephanika--the highest restaurant in Slovakia. This restaurant, run by the very cool young men and women of Slovakia's elite mountain rescue service (your waiter may be the one pulling you off the mountain if you fall), serves great goulash, and tasty Slovak beer.

BTW, I've got a question about Snowshoe? Can you e-mail me at at your convenience.

October 7, 2001
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I have 2 best places. I stayed at the main inn at stowe (forgot the name) that was ski in-ski out. There's nothing like taking a long run through the woods that ends up at your front door. It was a little bit of cross country to get to the first lift but since I put the skis on at the back door, it was definitly great.

My second best was a friend of a friends condo at Breckenridge. It was on the mountain opposite the slopes. The balcony had gorgeous views of Peaks 9 and 10.

My worst would have to be the hotel at Snowshoe. I travel for a living and I'm used to staying in decent hotels (Holiday Inn, Marriotts. In fact, I'm in a Marriott in LA now). At the shoe, we paid $130 for one night in what was a little more than a hostel bedroom. I got up at 6am and there's no coffee (how can you start a day without coffee?). As a traveler, it was a ridiculous price for the room. As a ski bum (which we all truly are at heart), it was a cool place to stay to hit the slopes first thing in the morning.

January 29, 2002
just had one of the best lodging experiences-I rented a house- slopeside at Timberline- it was fantastic. Multiple hot-tubs, six decks, 10 feet from the trail and it was cheap!!
January 30, 2002
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Who did you rent it from and how much was it?
Give us the details. Expiring minds want to know!

January 31, 2002
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If anyone is thinking of a trip to Europe try going to Andorra. It's probably best for beginners and intermediates. Its located in the Pyrenees between France and Spain and its where I learned to snowboard. I had an uncle go there last week and apparantly it was excellent.

The best places to go are El Tarter or Soldeu. For accomodation try the Hotel Del Clos. Its a really nice family run hotel about 10 minutes walk from the lift. Breakfast and Dinner buffet is included in your stay and the selection is quite good.

Another important note, its tax free so it is absolutely dirt cheap. Soldeu ad El Tarter share the same range so you can use your lift ticket in either one and you can ski or ride across the mountain between them.

February 1, 2002
Rented it from Canaan Realty- they have a number of houses- some slopeside, others a bit further away. The house was about $1500 for 3 nights- it very comfortably slept 14 people. It is called Snowlodge- and it's literally 10 feet from the Salamander Trail. I would definintely recommend.

January 6, 2003
Two good places.
One was the Grey Fox Inn outside of Stowe, Vermont. Close to slopes, comfy rooms, reasonably priced.
The other was a condo at Bryce Resort in Bayse, Virginia.
Very good runs for first timers, as my daughter found out. At 8, after only 20 minutes, was heading on up to the top and was skiing circles around me by mid-afternoon. Family-friendly resort with own airstrip. (Very cool.)
January 6, 2003
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speaking of airstrips, there's one in Canaan valley. I can't remember the name of the resort, but it has the airstrip. That's the one I stayed at six years ago.
January 7, 2003
The airstrip is at Winwood Fly-In Resort. Give Bob at Winwood a call for more info.

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