Whitetail : soft , thin and well..bad!
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February 26, 2001
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I was there a day earlier. Same conditions, and since school was out, crowded too.
Try going at night. The crowds go away, and the slopes get a lot faster. Easy Rider is the place to be, as it faces more towards the north than, say, slow, slushy Far Side, which closes at 4:30. At night, Easy Rider was full of boarders who clearly were capable of more advanced slopes.
February 27, 2001
In case anbody is interested, I went to Whitetail for the 1st time this season on Sat.02/24. HURTING!!!. They seem to have made very little or no snow in the last few days. But I could have sworn the web said they were still making snow as of a few days ago. Really soft slushy spots dominated the mountian. No natural anywhere. all the lifts bare.Speaking for myself, that tends to take away from the mood! grass and bare spots...just bad in general. If you are in the bmore/wash area, beleive it or not, you would be better off at Rountop! On friday last week they had great conditions...and got less snow than bmore or wash. If you don't mind a little more driving, Montage and Elk have had lots of natural this year,and were great too. Whitetail will only dissapoint you....and after the all day rain on Sunday, there may be nothing left at all!!!
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